List of Speakers


Each course lasts for 8 hours.

First Week : 15th-18th June 2015 

  • Giovanni Alberti (Università di Pisa) - Introduction to minimal surfaces and finite perimeter sets
  • Yoshihiro Tonegawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology) - Analysis on the mean curvature flow and the reaction-diffusion approximation
  • Tatiana Toro (University of Washington) - Geometry of measures and applications

Second Week : 22th-26th June 2015 

  • Fernando Coda-Marques (Princeton) - Min-max theory and the solution to the Willmore conjecture
  • Camillo De Lellis (Universität Zürich) - Center manifolds and regularity of area-minimizing currents
  • Joseph Fu (University of Georgia) - Integral geometric regularity


Conference: 29th June - 3rd July 2015

(Tentative program) 
  • N. Alikakos (Athens) - On the structure of phase transition maps: Density estimates and
  • A. Braides
  • D. Cohen-Steiner (INRIA Nice) - Persistent homology and geometric inference
  • O. Druet (Lyon) - CMC disks with fixed boundary : compactness, existence, ...
  • E. Durand-Cartagena (Madrid) - A purely geometric characterization of $\infty$-Poincaré inequality
  • A. Giacomini (Brescia) - Free discontinuity problems and Robin boundary conditions
  • R. Hardt (Houston) - Rectifiable and Flat Homology and Cohomology Theorie
  • B. Kirchheim (Leipzig) - Equidimensional isometric maps
  • G.-P. Leonardi (Modena) - Towards a unified theory of surface discretization
  • B. Lévy (INRIA Nancy) - A numerical algorithm for L2 semi-discrete optimal transport in 3D
  • X. Liang (Lyon) - An example of proving Almgren’s minimality by product of paired calibrations
  • A. Lorent (Cincinnati) - The Aviles Giga functional: past and present
  • F. Maggi (Austin) - A quantitative description of almost constant mean curvature hypersurfaces
  • U. Menne (Potsdam) - Weakly differentiable functions and Sobolev functions on varifolds
  • F. Morgan (Williams College) - Isoperimetric Problems
  • M. Novaga (Pisa) - Nonlocal isoperimetric problems
  • G. Pisante (Napoli)
  • D. Preiss* (Warwick)
  • M. Röger (Bonn) - A curvature energy for bilayer membranes
  • F.-X. Vialard (Paris Dauphine) - On geometric variational problems on the group of diffeomorphisms
  • N. Wickramasekera (Cambridge)


*to be confirmed

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